Moves to Usurp The Daily

With iPad exclusive newspaper The Daily set to be launched by News Corp tomorrow rival publishers are moving to counter the new threat, chief amongst them the New York Times which has begun work on an app of its own,

Rather than tackle The Daily head on however is adopting a more sociable approach, prioritising the best read and most shared stories from Twitter and

Signing in via your Twitter account a stream of news stories and videos which are currently being viewed by your followers are shown, including news which is being recommended to your followers by their followers.

This is achieved via a banner of followers displayed across the top of the screen from which the user can click on individual profiles to find out what they are reading. Tapping on a story headline will expand the news to full screen.

As the app is displaying content licensed from other news organisations the app is expected to carry a subscription charge when it launches, even though the content is freely available on the web.

The Daily, in contrast, will produce its own exclusive content via a team of 100 journalists.